Laguna Madre is
A Family Restaurant

At five years old, Balous Miller began fishing in the San Antonio River with his father, Bill Miller. Fishing grew from a family tradition to a sport in the Laguna Madre. When Bill Miller opened his barbeque restaurant, the family had no intentions of serving seafood, they were simply trying to survive. During the time of San Antonio’s hosting of the World’s Fair at HemisFair in the late 1960’s, Balous Miller knew he wanted to serve seafood to the San Antonio community. The Bill Miller brand recognized there was a demand for seafood and fulfilled their dream later with Bill Miller’s Laguna Madre Seafood Co.

In 2010, Laguna Madre opened its doors on the southeast side of San Antonio, home to the Miller family and Bill Miller Bar-B-Q. Today, there are five Laguna Madre locations throughout San Antonio. Laguna Madre is proud to embark on its tenth year of business in 2020 and plans to open its sixth location at Loop 410 & Nacogdoches Rd.

“Come in and give us a try!”

- Balous Miller

The building blocks of Laguna Madre consisted of fried fish, fried shrimp, fries, and coleslaw. Today, Laguna Madre has over fifty items on its menu. Development of the Laguna Madre menu has come from the third and fourth generation of the Miller family, which includes Terrell Miller, Douglas Miller, and Matthew Vance. Some family members presented ideas, while others created various fish, shrimp, and hush puppy recipes. The Laguna Madre name resulted from serving the Gulf of Mexico shrimp called Texas Browns. Texas Browns are known for being the best and finest shrimp in the world.

Laguna Madre is proud to serve sustainable quality seafood products at an affordable price. Balous Miller’s favorite dish is the Lemon Pepper Cod paired with our homemade sautéed rice. Laguna Madre offers healthy and nutritious food options. Our grilled items are made to order to guarantee a delicious experience. Our fried cod and fried side items are hand battered. If you haven’t tried our cod fish, you don’t know what you’re missing!

We invite you to visit your local Laguna Madre to view our family, friends, and customer photos along our walls. Submit your photos to our team at [NEED EMAIL ADDRESS]

Our Philosophy

Bill Miller always believed he could provide better food and service than most people in the food service business. Time has proven him to be correct. There were few, if any, food-to-go outlets in those early years, and Bill Miller Bar-B-Q was one of the first to offer quality food-to-go and five minute service, which was unheard of at the time.

Our Commitment

Bill Miller advocated a central kitchen (commissary) concept. This provided economical purchasing and preparation. The central office of Bill Miller Bar-B-Q operates a commissary, sausage kitchen, bakery, laundry service and warehouse. The plant is built according to Federal meat-packing guidelines and is inspected by the City of San Antonio and The State of Texas. The ultra modern commissary kitchen specializes in the barbecue of USDA grade beef, cooked over Hill Country Live Oak fires. The bakery specializes in baking bread and pies daily.